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Facial Trauma Surgery in Dubai

After a car accident or other facial trauma, you may require surgery to correct the damage. Cosmocare Medical Center dentist / surgeons are specially trained to perform all types of surgery that is needed after facial trauma. Facial trauma can be repaired in a local hospital or outpatient surgery center. Some of the types of facial trauma, which may require surgery, include facial lacerations, knocked out teeth, broken or fractures cheek, nose, jaw, or eye socket.

Correcting Facial Trauma

Facial trauma causes a high degree of physical and emotional trauma to the patient. Correcting facial trauma requires special training and an in depth understanding of the long term functioning and appearance of the face. Cosmocare Medical Center surgeons take into consideration the patient’s prior appearance and any permanent damage that will affect the results.

Facial Trauma Surgery in Dubai by Cosmocare Medical Center

How Can I Get Started?

Dr. Lavanya/ Dr Samir and his staff at Cosmocare would be happy to discuss the details about Facial Trauma Surgery with you. To schedule an appointment in Dubai, UAE, please call our office at 04-3798747 or request an appointment online.