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Tattoo Removal

tattoo removal laser dubai

If you are looking for minimally invasive, safe, painless, quick and effective tattoo removal technique, we assure you that Cosmocare is the right place.

Gone are the days when the old, lengthy, painful and complicated techniques like Dermabrasion, cryosurgery were used to remove the tattoos.

At Cosmocare, our expert  and certified dermatologist  Dr Murtuza Bandukwala,  uses the most advanced laser tattoo removal technology to remove the unwanted tattoos..

The laser treatment does wonders for those who want to get rid of tattoos partially or completely. The laser Treatment is the safest technique which is hails fast and satisfactory results. This technique is also beneficial for stubborn, big dark tattoos and people with darker skin tones.

Tattoos are actually thousands of ink particles suspended in the skin. Since the tattoo ink particles are large therefore it is not removed by normal human immune system which is responsible for removing small foreign particles from the skin. Laser   helps in breaking up the ink particles into smaller pieces. The ink particles are targeted with highly concentrated light waves which heats up the ink particles and break them into smaller particles. Such small particles are then cleared by the immune system.

At Cosmocare, our dermatologist after consultation decides the number of sessions to remove the tattoo completely depending on the design, size and color of the tattoo. The number of sessions vary from 1-10.

After the treatment, there is no sign of scars and marks. The removed tattoo is a history and past memory. There is no downtime after the treatment and you can resume the normal routine.

We have the latest and most advanced laser machine from Quanta System . Quanta is an100%  Italian company and  the Global  leader in manufacturing laser products since 1985.

The latest generation Q switched laser technology, associated with Quanta System’s laser treatment, ensures not only complete tattoo removal but also an effect of skin regeneration bringing the skin close to its original texture. This is an ideal solution to perform the greatest range of benign pigmented lines, tattoo removal and skin resurfacing treatment with fast treatments and safety.