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Vaccinate your child to strengthen his immune system.

child vaccination immunization in Dubai by Cosmocare Medical Center

Why vaccinate your child?

Vaccines use a tiny amount of antigens to help your child’s immune system recognize and learn to fight serious diseases.( Antigens are parts of germs that cause the body’s immune system to go to work). Without vaccines, we are at risk of serious illnesses like measles, meningitis, tetanus and polio. Many of these diseases can be life-threatening. WHO estimates that vaccines save between 2 and 3 million lives every year.

Are vaccines safe?

Safety of vaccines is well researched and documented. Several rounds of research, surveillance and clinical trials are carried out before a vaccine is approved for use. Billions of vaccine doses have been administered for almost 50 years and adverse effects are rare.

When should I get my child vaccinated?

Vaccines protect us throughout life and at different ages, from birth to teenagers and also old age. You will be given a vaccination card that tells you what vaccines you or your child have had and when the next vaccines or booster doses are due. It is important to make sure that all these vaccines are up to date.

I have delayed vaccination for my child. Can I still get him vaccinated?

For most vaccines, it’s never too late to catch up. Talk to doctor about how to get any missed vaccination doses for yourself or your child.

Can vaccines cause autism and/or mercury poisoning?

No. Vaccines have been rumored to cause autism, but studies show no correlation between vaccines and autism. Some vaccine contains minute amount of thimerosol, but this is not enough to cause mercury poisoning.

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