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Intra Oral Laceration Treatments in Dubai

Intra-oral lacerations form a small percentage of lacerations. However, in comparison to skin laceration repair, the repair of intra-oral lacerations has some significant differences.

After ensuring that the patient does not have any serious airway damage, the surgeon will evaluate the concurrent oral injuries. The cause of intra oral lacerations is typically the impact of the teeth on oral mucosa because of accidents, car crashes, contact sports, personal violence, and industrial accidents.

In general, lacerations that do not open up usually heal properly without medical intervention. However, lacerations that are gaping require wound closure to minimize the chances of infection and complications due to bleeding. Cosmocare provides treatments for intra oral lacerations to patients in Dubai, UAE.

Intra Oral Laceration Treatments in Dubai by Cosmocare Medical Center

How Can I Get Started?

Dr. Lavanya/ Dr Samir and his staff at Cosmocare Oral + Facial Laceration would be happy to discuss the details of Intra Oral Laceration Treatments with you. To schedule an appointment in Dubai, UAE, please call our office at 04-3798747 or request an appointment online.