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Fungal Infection

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Fungal infection is also known as mycoses.  Fungi are single or multi-cellular organisms that cause skin infections. Fungi are single or multi-cellular organisms that cause skin infections. Fungi can be true pathogens, which cause infections in healthy people, or opportunistic pathogens, which cause infections in immune-compromised patients. They most of the time affect the outer layer of skin, hair and nails but it may become matter of concern as it can cause serious disease

There are   different types of fungal infections, and each can appear in different areas of the body. Some symptoms include: rash, itchy blisters, cracking of the skin, and skin irritation.


Fungal infections can be caused by a variety of conditions and medication-use. Some risk factors for developing a fungal infection include:


Antibiotics decrease the amount of helpful bacteria living in the body. When these levels are decreased, fungi have an opportunity to invade and colonize.


Cortisteroids are often used to reduce inflammation and treat other skin disorders. They sometimes lower immune responses, and thereby create favorable conditions for fungal growth.

Medical Conditions:

People suffering from diabetes and some forms of cancer are more prone to fungal infections.

Compromised Immune System:

When immune systems are weakened, such as when a patient undergoes chemotherapy, or for those inflicted with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), fungi have better opportunities to grow, causing more infections.

Environmental Factors:

Fungi grow and reproduce in moist areas. Sweaty shoes and clothes can therefore help increase fungi production and lead to infection.


Some people are genetically predisposed toward fungal infections. They are more likely to contract a fungal infection when exposed to infectious conditions.


When the patient comes to Cosmocare, our certified dermatologist Dr Murtuza Bandukwala diagnoses fungal skin infections through physical examination, review of medical history and investigations. These days there is more persistent and resistant fungal infection is common in the society, which needs regular follow up and longer treatment than usual fungal infections.